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About Us

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Our focus is on creating a wide range of furniture appealing to international, as well as modern and traditional Indian tastes.

We have put together a carefully selected collection of designs, fabrics and synthetic leathers in a multitude of colours.  You just have to choose  your style according to your space.

We want our customers to have quality furniture at very reasonable, affordable prices. We do this by delivering directly from our factory to your doorstep, with nothing in-between.

Not having the overheads of showrooms and sales personnel makes a tremendous difference in our pricing. You place your order, we build your furniture and deliver to you within only a few days.

We refuse to compromise on the type of wood we use. We only use quality wood on the inside of our furniture, as well as the outside.

On the inside of our sofa sets, like mahogany, the neem hardwood that we use is strong and durable. Its grains are interlocked, and consequently the wood does not split apart very easily.

Neem has powerful pest controlling activities and medicinal properties, resisting such pests as wood borers and termites.

Our talented craftsmen have years of experience and work hard to bring to life the furniture of your choosing.